Sunday, November 4, 2012


A 2007 indie film PANTASYA. Directed by Dante Mendoza. The film is categories into a five stories. Byahe, Linya, Laro, Bilis and Bantay. 

A straight taxi driver decided to move on with his life after being dump by his girlfriend. He happened to fetch a student who feel lonely. Both of them have sex in the taxi on roadside, fetching the student home everyday has been the fantasy for the taxi driver. Starring Arthur Estrella and Rov Roxas,Linya
A richman's phone line went dead, he call for help. 2 hot wiremen came and help out, the richman has fantasy to have sex with both of them in a threesome. Starring Mark Dionisio, Harold Montano and Kiko Montenegro.
A young boy love basketball so much, he always went to see the match nearby. He even sneak in to see them shower. The basketball team masturbate in the shower room and the peeper went excited. He fantasy to have sex with one of the basketball player in the toilet. Starring Kervin Castillo, Dexter Castro, Brent Lorenzo, Nicco Taberna and Kyle Zenorio.
Pizza deliverman, Robert was late for his delivery after his motorcycle stalled. He was late and the client wouldn't wanna pay him and punish him through sex. Is this a fantasy or truth? Starring Justin de Leon and Trent Allan
Security guard see a sad guy crying, after comforting him, they have sex in the security house. But this is only a fantasy which broke off after the guy's boyfriend came to fetch him home. Starring  Kyri Baldemor,  Jon Eric and Rhyme Rodriguez

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